Sunday, December 14, 2008

I haff been editing

I finally sat down and edited some of those photos I took a few weeks ago. Ok, I admit it, it's because the Almost Done With Finals headiness is upon me, and I should be studying for tomorrow's math final, but hey, I've got all tomorrow morning to do that, right?

(Yes, I know it's Sunday. I had a lot of study Sundays in high school, and college is no different.)

So first I snapped a picture of my choker to put on Facebook. I can't decide if I like it better with more contrast or less.

(Click all photos to enlarge.)

Then I was editing the actual pictures of yours truly. I started out pretty normal...

Then I just went NUTS playing with blending modes.

(While we're loading pictures, how is it that I always see these giveaways from this wonderful woman AFTER they're over? My soul weeps at the thought that I COULD have had a CHANCE at winning Photoshop CS4. Even if I had known I wouldn't have gotten it, the soul weeps at the missed chance. What the heck. By the way, I'm addicted to her Confessions blog. Ree, you're welcome.)

Truly, I scare myself.

Then I decided I'd better do something normal before I went completely insane.

And finally, to redeem myself, I have cute siblings.

(I love little William's look of intense concentration.)

Now a question for you: Which one's your favorite? Least favorite?


Nala said...

the fifth picture from the bottom's caption:

"oohhh...itch...can't. reach. it!"

You scare me too...

Virginia said...

Hmm...I definitely like the choker one with more contrast, and I think I like the third one from the bottom of the three picture ones. (Wow, that was confusing).

And William looks hawt with two t's. If I do say so myself. I mean, he gets it from me.

Katie Beth said...

...But you only used one t.

Virginia said...

So? It was implied.