Monday, December 28, 2009


You can tell I'm enjoying my vacation when I don't even post. At all. Anyway, time for quotables!


VA: For better or for worse.
KB: Woo.
VA: For better or for worse. Till meth do its part.

Patience: *hanging on Maggie*
Maggie: *trips*
VA: Patience, you need to stop that. You're causing her to stumble.

VA: Man, I'm getting so tired of showering.

Katie: Sam is an enigma to me
and I don't know why
Nala: obviously
Katie: lol!
Nala: that's what an enigma is!
that's the most amazing quote ever
"Sam is an enigma to me, and I don't know why"
Katie: oh
but I MEAN....
Nala: ROFL
Katie: whatever :-P
Katie: hahahaha
Katie: NO
Katie: well I could
but I WON--oh
Nala: :-D
Katie: yeah I could do that :-P


VA: *solemnly* I feel the giggles engulfing me.

VA: You know that song?
KB: ......
VA: The Trisha Yearwood one?
KB: ......
VA: The Walkaway Joke one?
KB: Yeah?................. So?
VA: I forgot about it.

Si: I fowgot my pants!

VA: *in the dark of the theater* Look at that little dude who went to see Twilight.
KB: He probably brought females with him.
VA: *disparagingly* He doesn't look like the type to attract women.
KB: ?!?!?!
VA: Of course, all I saw was his glasses.

VA: *still waiting for the movie to start*What happens in New Moon again?
KB: Virginia!!
VA: I forgot! It's when he................?
KB: Uh, Edward LEAVES?
VA: Ohh, so this is gonna be her lying in the woods the whole time. Got it.


Talking about birds' mating habits:
Dr. Settles: So this guy's floofing out his feathers trying to get her attention, and dancin' around in circles and stuff.
KB: *to Janna* I think all guys should do that....
Janna: Yeah, why can't human guys do that?
KB: Hoppin' around....
Janna: That's gonna be a requirement for the guy I marry.

Kyle: can I have an aligator on a leash
KB: depends on what you want it for
Kyle: do you not trust me with a pet aligator on a leash.

Max: i know i could put a 115 above my head, well atleast a barbell. people are more floppy :)
KB: um, yes, I am definitely more floppy than a barbell
KB: rofl
Max: and squishy

KB: I have never SEEN so many people at the dollar store. They were GROCERY SHOPPING. They had SHOPPING CARTS.
Mommy: Wow, there must have been a major sale at the dollar store.
Jesse: "Ninety cents!!! Oh!!! This is such a good deal!"
KB: Ha! "Ninety-NINE cents! OH!! If I buy one hundred things, it will save me a dollar!"
VA: Why don't you just buy ninety-nine things?
KB: *gives her a look* Because that would only save me ninety-nine cents....
VA: So?
KB: So I could save a hundred cents!
VA: *gives me a look* You say that like ninety-nine cents is sooo much less than a dollar.
KB: Exactly! Why would... why would you even say that in the first place?! Why not just buy a hundred things?!
VA: I don't really know....
KB: This conversation is not making ANY SENSE AT ALL.
VA: Yeah....
VA: Me too. I didn't actually know what y'all were talking about in the first place.

Mommy: I'm sorry you're sick in all the wrong places.

Kyle: why do you insist on per
Kyle: per
Kyle: per
Kyle: crap waht's that word
KB: lol!!
KB: I have NO idea
KB: rofl
Kyle: . the word that means to put off until later
Kyle: procrastinate
Kyle: there we go
Kyle: percrastinate

Max: lets see if u can reach my weight by next november, u only have... 68 more lbs to go!
Katie: hahaha
I would be a sphere ;-)
Max: lol, spheres are great, you can roll them...

Isaiah: take out your anger on some teddy bears:
Katie: this sounds promising
Isaiah: ;)
Katie: who in the world thought of such a thing?
Isaiah: don't know, but I want to marry them
(provided that they're, you know, a girl. ;)

Katie: I'm starting to think I may actually finish this test
it's confusing as heck (heck is very confusing) trying to keep all the x's and y's straight, but really not all that bad and fun once you get the hang of it
Nala: I know heck is confusing...
I've been through it and back recently
I was very confused

Jordan texts me a picture of a page of Elsie Dinsmore, beginning "Elsie alone preserved a cheerful serenity," and going on to describe in great detail how the vehicle hurtled madly down the road and a powerful negro threw himself in front of it for no reason at all, risking life and limb, etc. etc. etc. I text him back.
KB: GASP. A powerful negro, risking life and limb for some po white folk?!?!?! Do go on!!! (not really)
Jordan: I didn't read that far. Only the first sentence was intended for audiences.
KB: Rofl. The sad thing is I remember that part.
Jordan: I weep for your soul.
KB: I alone shall preserve a cheerful serenity.
Jordan: Saints preserve us.
KB: I don't know about saints, but surely a powerful negro will come along shortly who is eager to risk his useless little life for complete strangers.
Jordan: Pretty sure you're going to hell for that one. Which is good, cause it means we can hang out.
KB: Hahaha. Are you going for sending that in the first place?
Jordan: I'm going for laughing at your text.

Nala: though, not your cheerful serenity, please
Nala: I'd rather have you on the red-heads-conquer-all war path.

VA: *singing* I'm a-gonna break out.
KB: Are you?
VA: Any minute now.

VA: *mumbles something unintelligible*
KB: What was that??
VA: I SAID, "I ain't got a motorboat but I can float your boat."
KB: Thank you for that.
VA: Anyway, I'm going. I'll see ya.
KB: .....Goodbye....

VA: I was trying to teach William ghetto language.
KB: Cuz you're so black.
VA: It was the shawty inside of me.

Talking about blueberry bagels while I fix myself dinner
VA: So have you tried them?
KB: I can't EAT bagels! They HURT!
VA: Oh. What are you making?
KB: Bagels.

VA: I TOLD you they played this song on this station!
KB: I didn't say they didn't....
VA: I know.
KB: Ha ha! "I TOLD YOU." "I never said...!!" "I know."
VA: Heh. I got a little excited.

VA: You know, it occurred to me recently that Fergie dresses like those Indians that only wore strings.
KB: .............EXACTLY like that?
VA: Well.... maybe not EXACTLY... with some embellishments... like she uses sequins where they just have little strips of cloth.

VA: This feels so WRONG. Katie Beth, isn't this WEIRD?
KB: *I look at her but can't see anything weird about her washing dishes* Uh... what?
VA: Look! It's so WEIRD!
VA: Look! I'm washing them in the RIGHT sink!
KB: Oh. Why?
VA: Cuz we don't have the thing for the other one.
KB: ........It fits in BOTH.....
VA: Well thanks for TELLING me....

Katie: btw, VA is dimtarded
I have to keep opening up my quotables page because she's so dimtarded
Nala: :-D
it's amazing

Katie: I got kind of distracted when my photo album took over your brain!
Nala: well, that's not my fault.

KB: What's on the neck of your shirt?
VA: What? No clue. Hey, why am I wearing this shirt? I thought I'd changed.

David: I almost put my towel on the sandwiches.
Daniel: That would be bad for the towel!

Mr. Thorsen: Where's my plate?
Everyone else: It's on the counter by the snowman carcass.

VA: Man, don't you just love that feeling when you roll over in bed and you get all comfortable and you think, "AHHHH. THIS is where I was meant to be."

William: My handth ah told.
KB: Oh, yeah. Would you like me to rub them to warm them up?
William: Oh no.

Playing Silent Football
KB: *pats head*
Jesse: Yes, Mrs. Katie Beth?
KB: Mr. President, Mr. Philip was giggling.
Philip: *pats head urgently*
Jesse: Yes, Mr. Philip?
Philip: *sheepishly* Mr. President, I did not know that giggling was not allowed.

Matthew: Hey, where was that kind of pizza?! I never saw that!
Andrew: I guess you weren't LOOKIN'.
Matthew: I was lookin' TOO hard.
Andrew: If it was a snake it woulda bit ya!
Matthew: If it was a snake it woulda bit me... where would it have bit me?
Andrew: Well it was about... here... so about here....
Matthew: Oh, about mid-torso. Man, those mid-torso bites are the worst.
Andrew: Eight out of eleven mid-torso bites are fatal!
Lizzie: Eight out of eleven? How do you know?
Andrew: ...Roadside sightings....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My cell phone has a sense of humor

I texted the wrong person. I texted Drew what I meant to text Hana and then had to retext Drew to correct it.

As I was replying to Drew's text in which she said that she was just about to ask what I was smoking, I realized that my phone had two options for the word I was trying to type.

One of them was "weedcab."

I have nothing more to say.