Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stuff White People Like

It's been too long, and I'm terribly sorry. But that doesn't mean you get a real post. There's one in my head, I promise, but I'm very tired right now after having just finished a web assignment (which was fun, even though I waited until this afternoon to start the thing). So you get a fake post.

Sorry. F'sho, yo.

Anyway, I came across this site today while reading SuperUseless (yet another site you should frequent), and after reading a post or two I was hooked. It's called Stuff White People Like, and before you ask, yes, it is written by a white guy. It's right up my alley, so it must be right up yours too or you wouldn't read this blog (you DO read this blog, right?). Somehow the logic all works in my head. Don't ask.

Oh, fine. One more. Looking For Group. I dare you to start at the beginning and not be addicted in approximately four seconds.

Now while all y'all are wildly staring your beady little orbs out at those sites, I'll be sneaking off to the shower and my bed. And the fridge. Can't forget the fridge.

If you neglect my site for those, there will be consequences. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A great milestone has been reached

I reach the same milestone every year, but it's always just as sudden every year.

Basically, I stood outside during Sunday School today, in one position in the 75 degree weather (or whatever it was), and when I came in, I was... oh yeah, pink. Like super pink. But only on one side! So like a genius I sat outside for lunch at the Reeder's, with the sun on the SAME side, and now I'm pinker. So like a dweeb, when I realized how pink I was, I turned around. So now I'm burnt on both sides. My face looks like a joker face and yes, people have been laughing.

So that's the milestone. First sunburn of the year. Nice to know it's over with and I can start wearing sunscreen.

By the way, you may notice that my last post was about snow and this post is about 75 degree weather. That's North Carolina for you. Truly. Going from unseasonably cold to warm in less than a week is pretty normal here.

And that's about all I have to say... I have to go, because my shoulders hurt.

P.S. I'm going to have the goofiest burn line when I'm in my guard suit tomorrow. I can't decide if it would better or worse if I'd been wearing a shirt with sleeves instead of a tank top.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I gots me a fan club!



Transcript of chat between Hannah and Shannon, emailed to me and Shannon by Hannah:

so I was thinking...
Shannon: haha
Hannah: scheming B-)
Shannon: :-D
I'm all for scheming
Hannah: we should have a convo about KB's quotables
and send it to her :P
Shannon: HAHAHA
Shannon: cough
Hannah: (what does one say?)
Shannon: one says "I'M AWESOME!"
Hannah: I mean KB's just too amazing!?
Shannon: "YOU'RE AWESOME!"
Hannah: I love you.
"We Rock."
Shannon: "WE ARE AWESOME!"
Hannah: "This world."
Shannon: :-D
Hannah: "AND we know it."
Shannon: "Apart."

Email from Shannon to Hannah and me:

Hans, dear..

*cough* I totally didn't realize you said we should have the conversation right away and that THAT was the conversation. ;-) I thought we'd have it later since you were going away. :-D Blonde moment. I say we re-do. I don't mind proclaiming my awesomeness all over again, seeing as how I am always the star of those quotables, even when I'm not in them.

Email from Hannah to Shannon and me:

LOL - oopsies. :P I think it's funny that we send KB our blonde moments. teehee! So cute you are. But KB, in favor of Shannon being pleased I request that you smile at our silliness and delete this. *curtsies*

Email from me to Hannah and Shannon:

LOL. But, but but... I was gonna put it on the blog!

I heart you both. ;-D *hugs*

Chat between Shannon and I:

Shannon: You were NOT going to put it on the blog!!
me: I WAS!
Shannon: Haha
Go ahead if you want, but seriously..
me: ;-D
Shannon: She says "I have to run in a minute"
me: no, if y'all don't want me to I won't
Shannon: And then "We should have a conversation about KB's quotables!!"
And I thought she meant LATER, like sometime when we actually have time to look at them/make fun of them. ;-)
No, I don't care, really -- you can if you'd like.
I don't mind being famous.
me: LOL
better wait for Hannah's ok first ;-)
Shannon: I'm sure you'll get one. ;-)
It was me that was the fool.
me: rofl
Shannon: feels like a little kid

Email from Hannah to Shannon and me:

Aw, shucks, KB YOU are the one that rocks this world APART, girl! :D *hugs back*

Email from me to Hannah and Shannon:

Can I still put it on the blog? :-D (Might be in a day or two... I gotta write up a post on gang bosses. Stay tuned.)

Email from Shannon to Hannah and me:

lol, of course.

Email from Shannon to Hannah and me:

hans said that was fine too; she said that this afternoon.

Email from Hannah to Shannon and me:

sure thing :D


All that to say, wow, my friends are hilarious.

In other news, we woke up with snow again this morning, on March 2nd. I don't think I ever remember having snow in March, much less enough to play in. I got out of both school and work, and we built, um, something that was taller than me. If I knew exactly what it was I would tell you. The original idea was to build a huge snowman, but Jesse and Anna and I were all rolling snowballs at the same pace, and they were all huge and no one was stopping, so we wouldn't have been able to lift them anyway. Then I was going to make my snowball bigger than me, but I couldn't roll it by myself anymore, so Jesse had to help. Then we couldn't roll it any more at all, even with Jesse, myself, Anna, Rebecca, and two shovels (it was about as high as my snow-suited waist), so we had to pile snow on top.

The best part (or at least the prettiest) part about being outside today was that the flowers were blooming under the snow. My little ornamental cherry tree was especially pretty. I was going to post just one picture, but I think I'll post a few.

These are raw and unedited. There are a couple that I'd like to switch out for the slightly edited versions, but I'm much too tired to deal with that tonight. If you'd like to see them, say so and I'll post them later.

Um. Those last two weren't actually in the snow. Or from today, come to think of it. That's the kind of food I like to pig out on all the time. Virginia makes fabulous frappuccinos.

But that doesn't mean I know how they got in there. Honest.

Oh good, familiar territory. Well, familiar in the sense that it's actually what I've been talking about in this post. Completely unfamiliar, really, since it's March here in NC and this is NOT the kind of precipitation we get in NC in March. But I'm not complaining.

Before you ask, yeah, those are my mom's 1970's snow pants with a strap missing (it broke the last time it snowed). That's also my mom's old Coke sweatshirt.

Cutest kid ever. Don't you deny it.

He shot me.


I want a frappuccino.