Monday, January 6, 2014


Alex picks up a bowling ball
Alex: I like this one because it looks like a peacock.

Dave: Would you like an invoicing snack?

Alex: Obligatory morning greeting.
KB: Obligatory inquiry of general well-being.
Alex: We are nerds…

Tim: I’ve definitely been putting laundry detergent in the dishwasher. Probably not ready to live alone…

Dave: You can call it the Sirens for Christ ministry. You can attract heartsick boys one by one and then break them down emotionally and bring them to church hahaha

KB: You’re a sweaty boy, huh?
William: I try to be!

Dave: Can you please stop climbing everything

Patience, brightly: We’re old people on our deathbed!

Alex: will you be my pen pal when I’m in prison?

Tim: I’m trying to set up a house cleaning schedule for myself. How often do people vacuum? Every six months?

Alex: No junk food, day one: I awoke this morning to find that the stuffed protruding belly that I have recently grown used to was not there to greet me… in a way it seems I have lost a comforting friend.

Dave: face it, I’m one of the sweeter van driving creeps you’ve come across

KB: Personally I want a wombat.
Dave: thats totally fair and reasonable

Chip: We disagree that this is not a whisk.

KB: Something just fell out of your hai--
David: Is it a treat???

Tim: On another note, I don’t know how pen-clickers have such an utter lack of self awareness.

Dave: im so going to die young at this rate. I need a cauliflower

Overheard at Walmart:
Guy: Hey babe, you know what I just thought of? Was I trying on the girls stuff?!!??!
Girl: Who cares?
Guy: What!!?!?!?!

Drew: Can you hand me the green blanket?
Becca: Sure. *hands her the blanket* This is how you save money! You don’t turn the heat on! You watch movies in your sweatpants and blanket and jacket!

Alex: llamas. That is all.
KB: Makes sense.
Alex: I should say so!

Dave’s vendetta against salads
Dave: anything like “spring garden medley” is clearly uncalled for!
Dave: or “arugala delight,” etc

Dave: are girls shoe sizes different? Like pant sizes?
KB: um
Dave: I don't understand the girl system
KB: well a women's 7 is not the same as a man's 7
I don't think
Dave: how can someone be a 0 to a 6?
KB: in pants?
Dave: yes
KB: there's 00 too!
Dave: i dont understand that system either!!!!
AND WHAT IS GLUTEN!?!?!?!?!?!?

VA: If there’s a world record for greatest amount peed at one time, I just broke it.

Alex: I don’t think your hard to get along with.
KB: That’s because you’re hard to get along with. ;-)
Alex: I most certainly am not! I’m a peach to be around!
What an odd phrase… I don’t know where that even came from….

KB: my sister thinks that’s way hot
for the record
Dave: what?
zz top?
KB: well, yeah
Dave: hfdlas;fjlasdfls
KB: ancient people with enormous beards
KB: always has
she’s a weirdo :-P
just when you think
Dave: there’s no way a girl will go for that…..
a girl goes for that
I quit
I quit I quit I quit

Alex: While there’s a third party involved ask them how gross they think bodies are.
KB: She does not think bodies are gross.
Drew: I think when you overthink it they can be gross. Like when I overthink ketchup it’s disgusting.

Drew: Was your family seriously arguing about who has the boniest butt?
KB: Oh, yeah. It’s a pretty common occurrence. Happens all the time.
Drew: …...My integration into the Groover clan is not yet complete……

Drew: You need to become a Baptist because you love food too much!!

Staring at Drew’s bare feet:
Dr. Ecker: It’s like I’m watching a train wreck! I can’t look away!

Dave: You stole pancakes from the seminary!?!?!

Dave: im trying to be the triangles most eligible hermit
it might take a few years

KB: I shall send a pigeon.
Jordan: To bite me? You'll train it? That's dedication. I'm kind of honored.
KB: You're worth it.

VA: Maggie is the best French braider in the east.
KB: The east of what?
VA: Just... the east.

Drew: ...Yeah, so then…… then he…… *trails off and stares at the ceiling*...... I think we need to vacuum our ceiling.