Friday, September 17, 2010

Ummm..... Quotables?

It's been approximately 731 days, 16 hours, 5 minutes, 7.26 seconds since I last posted. That's just a guess, of course. It's partly because I'm insanely busy (Art school holla! Anybody?) and partly because Rebecca bugs me about it so I didn't post, just to bug her back.

I'm insanely busy today too, but I have a long quotables document, so I'll just... give y'all that. Maybe eventually I'll have a real post again.

Live long and prosper. Until we meet again. And I guess you can live long and prosper after we meet again, too.

Basically, have fun.


KB: What are YOU reading?
Genise: It's a romance novel.
KB: It looks really... frilly.
Genise: It's about cakes.
KB: Do the cakes fall in love? Do they make little baby cakes?
Genise: They make cupcakes.

KB: I got a hundred on my calculus test.
Daddy: Is that ALL?

KB: Have you seen my jean capris? I don't know if I can wear my khaki ones, I'm wearing blue plaid underwear.
Mommy: Khaki and blue plaid go together.

KB: So the deal was, Hunter didn't know we don't call adult swim before we close so he blew his whistle early. We told all the people "just kidding" and we made him unwhistle -- well, he didn't... but I wanted him to....
Dan: Did you?
KB: No, I'm not trained in unwhistling.
Dan: What?! It's like counterwhistling but more advanced. This is counterwhistling: *puts his mouth to the other hole in the whistle and breathes in* Unwhistling is the same kind of technique, sort of like this: *puts both his whistles in his mouth and manages to make a little tweet* It's very difficult. It involves circular breathing.
KB: Well why don't you unwhistle then?
Dan: I can't do it. I haven't learned the technique of circular breathing.

Katie: It's interesting how our conversations so quickly transcend the realm of coherence
Derrick: You're my test case for secret emoticons :) They work. This is a test. We now take you back to your normal life, already in progress.
Here's something sweet for your Friday (nutella)

KB: What's up, Patience?
Patience: Being around weird people. *gets up to leave*

KB: Virginia is wearing skinny jeans.
Patience: Freak.

KB: So William, what do you say when people ask you how old you are?
William: I thay, "FOUW!"
KB: Right! That's very good!
William: Yeth. Yeth it ith.

Alex: Katie Beth, do we have another hour before we close?
KB: No, we have about seven minutes.
After being quiet for a little bit:
Alex: Katie Beth, do you know how many pounds one float pack holds?
KB: I have no idea.
Alex: How many float packs do you think it would take to float me?
KB: A lot. Why do you ask?
Alex: I'm gonna try it.
KB: Oh really. When?
Alex: In about... seven minutes.

Dan: Katie Beth, I think you should turn into a phoenix.

Lizzie: My inner lifeguard just died.

Lindsay: My soul is wilting.

Lizzie: Oh, I'm sorry about that sorta.

Lindsay: *stands under the light* Hey! I have a great idea! ...........A bright idea. Dang it, I said it wrong!

Mrs. Halvorsen: *picks up the Nerf gun as she's chatting with us* Does this have any things in it?
Hana: I don't know....
Mrs. Halvorsen: *suddenly aims it at Grace and shoots her*
Grace: *screams*
Mrs. Halvorsen: Oh look! It does! *shoots again* *a nerf dart sticks to the wall above my head* Oh looka that!
Hana: Mom!!
Mrs. Halvorsen: *aims at Hana tries to shoot some more* I think it's out. *two more darts cycle around and hit Hana* Oh, I guess not!
Hana: *screams*
KB: *covers head and cowers*
Mrs. Halvorsen: Ok, I think it's out now. I'm gonna go paint.
Hana, Grace, and KB: *pant and stare*
Hana: I've never been bombed that hard by my MOM before!

William: I LOVE LADIETH!!!!

Drew: are you going to wear your wuit?
Katie: yes, I was planning to wear my wuit
Drew: hahaha
Katie: :-D
Drew: so you are?
Katie: lol, yes
but I am not happy about it
Drew: ok, I guess I will to then...:/
Katie: lol, you know, me wearing my suit does not automatically cause yours to leap upon your bod...
Drew: actually, it does. some days, my suit is just on my body...and i don't know why, so I assume you're working
Katie: hahahaha
and totally unsanitary :-D
Drew: not my fault, it's yours

KB: Maggie, what are you doing?
Maggie: I tied my pant legs together!
KB: But of course. I can't believe I had to ask.

Jesse: Mrs. Joyner, when we were walking in I realized that your pool is so small that the only kind of dip you can take in it... is a skinny one.

Mr. Tola: *to Mr. Joyner* ....and I played hooky....
Philip: *overhears* *looks at me, very confused* He say hoo-ky. Why he say HOO-ky? *suddenly looks enlightened* He means HOCKEY.

Patience and William are fighting:
Patience: I'M TELLIN' MOMMY!!!

VA: Sometime I want to go to one of those museums with all the stars in the ceiling.

Daddy: Ok Anna, let her tell her story first, even if it's wrong. Then I'll tell my story. Even though I wasn't there.
KB: *from the other room* My story's BEST!
Daddy: No no no! Mine has clowns!
KB: Nobody likes clowns!
Daddy: That's why mine is unique.

KB: You take very strange naps.
VA: What do you mean?
KB: I heard you rattling around and around in here for a very long time before now.
VA: That's not true!
KB: You just came back in here!
VA: Oh yeah. Well I was sleeping--well I was trying to sleep--well I was going to sleep--well I was--I was in here napping and then suddenly I decided that I wanted a pipe so I got up in the middle of my nap to ask Daddy if I could get a pipe at the state fair but Daddy was asleep so I asked Mommy and she was like "Uuuunnnhhhhhhhh you'll have to ask Daddy" and then I decided that I wasn't really sleepy so I came back here to read.

KB: What are you mad about, Maggie?
Maggie: Rebecca.
KB: Did she break your ruler?
Maggie: Sort of.
Mommy: How did she "sort of" break it?
Maggie: I threw it at her.
Mommy: I wondered if it was something like that.

Rebecca: There were lots of nerdy people at the orthodontist's office.
Jesse: So you fit right in?
Rebecca: NO! And anyway I was busy doing science.

Nala: I happen to LOVE Krispy Kreme...
and I still haven't been to the new one
Katie: dude
you need to go
Nala: I know
my bladder can't hold much more right now
Katie: rofl
Nala: back
so, about half way through the potty time, I realized you were talking about KK, not the bathroom
Katie: ROTFLOL!!!!!!!
Nala: I just looked up and saw, "Dude, you need to go" and thought, "yeah, I really REALLY do!"
so I went

Drew: man I went to wal mart was crazy

Kyle: I felt guilty when dad said "We need to talk SOON"
Kyle: but I had no clue what to be guilty about

Nala: which is WHY you have to come up to App
Katie: I want to come to a concert
Nala: I know
Katie: hopefully I can make that happen
Nala: :-D
Katie: are you going to have a senior recital?
Nala: my senior recital
Katie: LOL
Nala: psychic
Katie: psychic
Nala: HA!
Katie: WORD

Drew: GASP!!! They don't have irish swim caps!
Katie: what?!
Drew: I'm looking at the laytex ones now...

Kyle: HECK. YES.

William: *to Mommy* You dude. You DUDE!!!!!

Anna: What's pepper spray?
Daddy: It's stuff to spray on someone if they're attacking you.
Rebecca: You would want to spray them BEFORE they attacked you.
KB: How are you supposed to know if they're gonna attack you?
Anna: You could go up to them and say, "Are you going to beat me up or do you have other plans?"

Stephen: Kiss the frog!
KB: I don't want to kiss the frog. Lauren, you wanna kiss the frog?
Lauren: Not really....
KB: Nancy? You wanna kiss a frog?
Nancy: No thanks. I've already got my prince.
Us: Ooohhh, good answer!
KB: Is that how you got Daniel?
Nancy: Shh, don't be tellin' all my secrets! You shoulda seen all the ones I had to throw out before I got him!

KB: Is Mrs. Riley gonna pick Holly up?
Mrs. Hagwood: *perfectly seriously* We'll probably just drop her off on the side of the highway somewhere.

William: I yove twiangleth. And McDonald'th.

Imparting wisdom before he leaves for college:
Jesse: William, ya gotta stay away from all these girls.
William: I love ladieth.

Talking about Anna listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity:
Anna: I love them! I listen to the show. They inspired me to politics!
VA: Ok, what do you know about politics?
Anna: ......Obama is president.

VA: You know how you see some people and you wonder, "How did that person EVER get a boyfriend??" And then you see the boyfriend and you understand.

Kyle: I pity the foo
KB: me too, assuming I'm the foo ;-P
Kyle: :-)
you're a nice legit foo
not a bad foo

Kyle: if you start blaming yourself for a mess
I will walk over ther
and when I finally make it in like 2 days
I will cut you
then I will walk home
and I will be pissed.
KB: hahahahahahahaha
Kyle: and you will be pissed too
KB: I would be kinda pissed ;-P
Kyle: we would all be pissed
so stop

VA: *awed voice* I.... did... a chinup.
KB: *laughs*
VA: Aren't you proud???

Mommy: What does the letter "B" sound like?
William: Butt!

Mommy: We'll turn off the water when it gets high enough.
KB: YOU'RE high enough!
Mommy: *to Maggie* Man, I can't even say "your mom" to her.