Friday, September 26, 2008

Life is catching up with me

I think it might eventually catch me. I'm running, honest, but it's a-creepin' up.

Right now life consists of:

Visits: Lizzie was here two weekends ago, and Derrick came to church with us on Sunday.

Music: We had two two-hour gigs last weekend, one in Cary on Saturday and one in Wake Forest on Sunday. We had one on Thursday night at our church and we have one in Bracey, VA tomorrow night, one on Saturday night next week, and we have one on October 18th.

Work: I'm working at the Y every Friday night and Saturday morning, but tomorrow I'm working with the photographer. Music counts as work too. My math teacher asked if she could pass my name on to the tutoring center at school, so I may start tutoring math there.

Football games: Ethan's team is playing in Raleigh on October 31st. Who wants to come?

Art: YAY. I'm doing irises in art class right now. They're awesome. We did people before that and my person actually looks human and decent. I am mucho pleased.

Dance: Hip hop and clogging. I. Heart. Dance. I really miss swing dancing. I must needs find myself some semblance of a partner somewhere. Virginia's ok, but... she's a girl.

School: Oh yeah, school! I'm taking Precalculus Algebra, Principles of Microeconomics, General Psychology, Intro to Literature, and Public Speaking, and not one of them is hard. I'm kinda bored. I have more time for art and reading, though, which I am enjoying. I also have an interview on Monday with the admissions officer to the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. We'll see how radically she changes my ideas about what I take at the community college. The Art Institute is looking more and more attractive. Money could be a problem, but I'm not ready to start there yet, so we'll see what happens there too.

Books: I had a goal of 100 new books this year, but since Dracula will only be my 35th, I may have to settle for 50. Hopefully I'll be able to reach 50, and really, I'd be happy with that. I can never quite keep myself from rereading old favorites. I reread Northanger Abbey last week. I always forget how good Jane Austen's stuff is. I also read The Great Gatsby for the first time. I found it to be depraved and unexpectedly enjoyable. I'm really enjoying Dracula, but I don't read it at night. ;-)

Speaking of life and running, I need to shower and get to bed so I can get up inhumanly early tomorrow without dying. This is me, bouncin'.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ba dum *cha*!

So I was feeling kind of funny earlier, but then I realized I was just hilarious.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Because 1). There is no better way to kick off a blog, and 2). This particular Quotables document was getting way too long.



Shannon: I don't ever want to have a fat husband. ;-)
Katie: posted
me neither
I don't ever want to be a fat wife
or a fat anything :-D
Shannon: Or a bald one.
Katie: LOL
Shannon: LOL!!! Ditto.
Shannon: DIES

Katie: congratulations
you've made the first spot on my NEXT quotables post
Shannon: LOL
What part?
Katie: *quotes the above quotable*
that part :-D
I just quoted our own conversation at us
Shannon: LOL
That's amazing.
Katie: pretty much

Patience, lying on Virginia's back: Can you feel my heart beat? Can you feel it going around and around?

Maggie: Ew! That guy has long hair!
Anna: Who? The bald guy?

Katie: and you could run blithely through my field!!!
you could even sing imagine if you like
Andrew O: um...could I please saunter calmly, cooly, and non-chalantly?
Andrew O: much more masculine

Patience: I wish we had vithitorth tho we could jump on the trampoline. But we don't have a mat and we don't have vithitorth.

Nala: Grace says you are permitted to call her a genius

Derrick: hey finish this poem
its raining its pouring the old man is snoring
he went to bed
Katie: nono
it's "he bumped his head on the end of the bed"
and didn't get up in the morning
Derrick: ive always heard he went to bed with cheese on his head and couldnt wake up in the morning
Katie: really?!
my version is much more realistic
Derrick: my version has more cheese
true :-D

Jesse: Is the wedding tomorrow?
Katie Beth: It's Wednesday!
Jesse: Well what day is the wedding?
Katie Beth: Jesse, people don't have weddings in the middle of the week. That's bad. No one would come.
Jesse: Sounds like my kind of wedding.

Katie Beth: Anna, y'all were wide awake while I was in the shower, and then I came in and you were fast asleep!
Anna: Pretending to be fast asleep, you mean.
Katie Beth: Then why didn't you answer me?
Anna: Oh! Maybe I was asleep.

Derrick: you scare me now
Katie: I scare lots of people, you know
it is my idiom
Derrick: ;) we all have gifts

KB: Are y'all ready for fries back there?
Patience and Anna: Yes!
KB: I know for a fact y'all have not finished your burgers.
Jesse: Fries................. are a desert wasteland!
KB: .........*when nothing else is forthcoming* What?!
Jesse: They're dessert.
KB: Oh. DESSERT. .....Some dessert.
Jesse: Dessert is just something that comes after a meal, that tastes good, and is unhealthy.
KB: Oh. I was under the impression that dessert had to be sweet.
Jesse: No. It just has to taste good and be unhealthy.
KB: And come after a meal.
Jesse: *nods*
KB: Got it.

Patience: Will you help me find some rock [music]? And socks!

Mrs. Joyner: *holds up a big letter J* What things start with J?
Joshua: Me!
Mrs. Joyner: Yes! What else? What about.... jelly?
Joshua: O!
Mrs. Joyner: No. O starts with o.
Abigail: And...
Mrs. Joyner: What's that, Abigail?
Abigail: I was thinking ham.

Mrs. Joyner: *holds up a big number 12* How many brothers did Joseph have?
Abigail: Tweeeeeeeeeelllllllllllvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee!!!!!
Mrs. Joyner: Right! What number is this?
Abigail: THIRTY TWO!!!
Mrs. Joyner: No. Twelve.
Mrs. Joyner: And how many brothers did Joseph have, again?
Abigail: THIRTY TWO!!!

Matthew: *SPLASH*
KB: ..........................There is wine on my toes. YOU. MATTHEW. CLEAN MY TOES.
Matthew: *does* I'll clean your feet any day.

Andrew, singing: Matthew is ugly
Matthew's ugly in the face
Yeah, Matthew is ugly
Matthew's ugly in the face
But that's not the only concentration
Matthew's ugly every place.

KB, watching the Olympics: Man, some of these women are BUFF.
Andrew: Yeah. They're all like, "I could beat you up." ...That's what they said to me.

Announcer: And Phelps wins by just a fingernail!!!
Andrew: Too bad that other guy cut his fingernails.

Lindsay: ...Awkward pants... *KB and Lindsay burst out laughing*

Andrew: Lindsay! Are you dying?!?!?
Lindsay: No!
Andrew: I just need to make sure! Let me check!
Lindsay: No!
Andrew: I just need to check! *comes over*
Lindsay: No!
Andrew: *starts chest compressions*
Lindsay: Ahhh! Andrew! Stop!
KB: *dying of laughter* Andrew!
Andrew: Are you choking KB?!?!?!
KB: Hey, no!!
Andrew: Let me check! I just need to the Heimlich!
KB: I'm not choking!!!
Andrew: Just let me make sure!

Philip: *leaps through the doorway and lands with a resounding bang*
Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sonya: What are you doing?!
Philip: Jumping!
Aunt Sonya: Well STOP jumping!
Uncle Chuck: Philip, jump again. I wanna see you jump.

Announcer: ...and these unfortunate events...
Andrew: A series of unfortunate events? I hope so.
Josh: You like unfortunate events?
Andrew: Only when there's a series of them.

The boys come in from the outside showers in their towels. Katie Beth is on Andrew's bed using the computer.Josh beats Andrew to the bathroom.
Andrew: Jooooosh! Now I have to stand in front of Katie Beth in only my towel! Joooosh! I didn't wanna do that. I'm naked under my towel!
KB: Well, you know... I'm naked under my clothes.
Andrew: Well that is true... and I have a bracelet. So we're both sort of clothed.
KB: Yeah. And I don't have a bracelet.
Andrew: Yeah. So I guess we're about equally clothed.

KB and Andrew pass a store called Birthday Suits:

Patience: We're playing tug-of-war! Tug-of-war people don't whine!

Derrick: :) I believe in your creepiness

Bee, in her sleep: *moan*..... *moan*.... *moan*... Well spoken. AUSTIN!!!

Andrew: Come in the water, Katie Beth!
KB: Nooo... I don't want to....
Andrew: Why not?!
KB: It's wet!
Andrew: No... no, it's not very wet. It's only a LITTLE wet.
KB: Is it less wet than yesterday?
Andrew: Yeah! It's slightly less wet than yesterday.

Virginia, watching the last event of the Decathlon: Oh, are they racing?
KB: ...What did you THINK they were doing?
Virginia: Well they were going so slow that I thought they were just jogging over to the place where it was. But they were taking a really long time.

Announcer: He literally fell apart in the last round.
Us: ........................................?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!

Patience, watching water polo: You know what'th grothth? The MOTHQUITOETH on them.
Virginia: ..........WHAT?
Rebecca: SPEEDOS.
Patience: Oooohhhh.

Derrick: at the place I skydived in franklinton, the guy on the safety vid warning us we could die had the LONGEST beard I've ever seen in my life! You could write the Illiad on that thing!

Maggie, at lunch time: I can't wait for tomorrow morning!
KB: What happens tomorrow morning?
Maggie: I get to eat breakfast!!!

Andrew: Hey Mom! If... a gangster... shoots an ear of corn... has he then... popped corn?
Aunt Sonya: Ha. Ha. Ha....
Andrew: You know? Popped? Like shooting? Popcorn? Get it?
Aunt Sonya: I get it, Andrew....
Andrew: See how funny I am?!

King Cobra 03SVT [singing]: so I jacked the keys to your daddy's car
King Cobra 03SVT: and crashed that chevrolet, then stepped away
Raethlanel: we have been over this
King Cobra 03SVT: and stepped away
Raethlanel: you did that before too
King Cobra 03SVT: I DID.
King Cobra 03SVT: | ________________ |
Raethlanel: ok, that was funny

Nala: I joined the nunnery today
it's like a "fishery" but not

Nala: Why do Gorillas have such big fingers?
me: I don't know
why do they? :-D
Shannon: pick their noses?
Nala: because they have such big nosterals!
me: lol!
I was gonna SAY that!!!!
dangit :-D
Shannon: ...I'm not sure I get it.
Nala: ROFL
Shannon: Or did you spell nostrils wrong by accident?
Nala: I misspelled that
Shannon: *dies*
me: LOL
Nala: <_<....................>_>
Nala: I got excited

Virginia: You know what's awkward? Standing on a bookshelf with no pants on and having it fall down.
Katie Beth: .........This was a dream, right?
Virginia: No, it happened at camp. In front of like a ZILLION people.

Isaiah: Hey
oh wait, I have work I should be doing

Derrick: so what are you doing instead of homework?
Katie: I am doing homework
I'm just not enjoying it much
Derrick: haha you havent learned the college habit of procrastination yet
it's a very useful skill
Katie: pssh
I was BORN with that habit
Derrick: I happen to be a guru
you mean you're..........the one?
Katie: I've also learned that it doesn't leave me much peace of mine ;-)
but I didn't do any work at all over the weekend
hahaha... the one
sure :-D
Derrick: :0
for many moons the unnamed people (Theyre still trying to get together to name themselves) have waited for the one, born with natural powers and skill the craft that they usually dont get around to trying in their own lives

Derrick: I've been at RUF
then since I was there I stayed for DDR
after that I couldnt find any 3 letter abbreviations to do
so I left

Raethlanel: quick, hide! The exterminator's here!
Blazingstorm25: WHAT
Raethlanel: run away!
Blazingstorm25: AHHH
Blazingstorm25: *jumps into the hole you dug while you were digging dirt*
Blazingstorm25: *makes whale noises as to avoid suspicion that there is a person in the hole*
Raethlanel: that's good
Raethlanel: they don't exterminate whales
Blazingstorm25: they better not
Blazingstorm25: I'll kick em

Rebecca: Katie Beth, you know that song that goes, "I just climbed out of a cottonwood twee, I was wunnin' fwom some honeybees." Until I heard it in the car I had always thought it said "I was wunnin' fwom somebody mean!"
Virginia, from the kitchen: I thought that until just NOW!
Katie Beth: VIRGINIA!
Mommy: *laughing* When she said "runnin' from honeybees" Virginia said "WHAT?!"

Nala: hop, girl, hop!

KB, singing at snack time: Do we have anything fa-bu-lous?
Maggie: *hands me the chocolate syrup* Here is something fabulous.

Derrick: guess where I just came from!!
Katie: ummm
the gym?
Derrick: haha I wish, Im going back tonight to swim
to Australia I mean
sort of the church
I went to crossroads to get coffee and talk to a lot of peoople from RUF :D
Katie: you're going to Australia to swim tonight?!?!
Derrick: yeah, some people call it the gym pool, I call it australia, potato, potato

Shannon: This song souds like it should be about a mermaid or something.
Is it?
I mean, by the title it sounds like that.
Katie: lol
this whole set was Gospel
Shannon: LOL

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Change of Scene

So here we are. I have dusted the lamps, moved some of my favorite knickknacks (why does that word need four k's?) onto the shelves, and vacuumed the rugs. All in all a very cozy relocation. It's an odd feeling, relocating, but I think I'll like settling in here. I certainly hope so.

This blog may be tweaked here and there until I get it how I like it. The colors, specifically. The hex codes are giving me some trouble. I'm trying to "give him some... trouble," but he isn't listening.

Rest assured that all my old posts are still up on the old blog! I will keep that blog up, though not very running, and will probably use it to comment from time to time. We had some great times on that blog and I'm a bit sad to let it go. However, hopefully this one will make up for it.

Just because this is a new blog does not mean it will be so different from the old one, except that I hope it will be more prolific. The Quotables will remain. Have no fear.

I don't want to cross-post to the old blog. That would defeat the purpose of a new one. Or am I wrong?

Let's see, any more new blog notes?... Well, I can't think of any. Anything y'all want to say?

Oh yes, one more thing. Welcome, everyone!