Monday, June 8, 2009

Juliet is here!

I picked Juliet up from the airport this morning. I get her for almost a week, and it is SO good to see her. I've missed her terribly since I last saw her two years ago. We've got a lot of things planned for this week, including swimming (probably), seeing some old friends, watching Nacho Libre, and hanging out with the family.

And we're doing something tonight... what is it... I can't seem to remember....

Oh right! We're going to see No Doubt and Paramore! Oh yeeeaaaaah, Mr. Kool-Aid Man, oh yeeeaaaah. (I would link to that too, but Dane Cook's mouth ain't real clean. Still, I can't help adding "Mr. Kool-Aid Man" every time I say "oh yeah.") We've got lawn seats, so I'm bringing binoculars, but it should still be pretty awesome. Our crowd is me, Juliet, and Virginia, and word on the street is that Kelly and Candace have lawn seats too. Hopefully we'll get a lot of sweet pictures out of this concert. ;-)

Actually, we'll probably get some pretty sweet pictures from this visit in general. William is in love with Juliet, which always makes for a cuteness overload.

One more thing: Quotables coming soon!


Virginia said...

w00t w00t

UndercoverBlonde said...


You girls have buckets and barrels and balloon loads of fun, ya hear?

Katie Beth said...

We hear! :-D