Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day and Elsie Dinsmore

Yesterday I went to some other church's Memorial Day picnic, went strawberry picking, and went over to the Wills' house for a Memorial Day cookout with the Cool Group. Virginia tagged along somehow, but she played with the other midgets. Ok, just kidding. I knew she was in the car.

The strawberries are most excellent, by the way. I continue to eat them. You should come help, cuz we have about a million tons of the things.

Oh, and it's been raining almost constantly for two days straight.

Kyle grilled some super yummy hamburgers that did not need extra onions, no matter what Kelly says. It was funny watching him grill under an umbrella. Um, we didn't eat outside. It wasn't for lack of trying.

Kimberly and Kyle and Kerr and I tried to go muddin' in my Explorer but the place was permanently closed. Seriously? Who does that?

At one point Kyle said he wished he had a sitting utensil, presumably instead of the window sill he was perching on, and he asked me if I would like I sitting utensil, presumably instead of the tile floor I was perching on.

Verbally, I wondered at his language. Mentally, I oggled. Because I recently called a towel a "drying utensil."

There are times when I wonder if Kyle and I are actually the same person and we got into two different bodies by mistake. I mentioned this to the mother and she said I shouldn't think about that too much, as it was very weird.

I told Hana about that and she said people tell her that a lot, which obviously proves that Hana and I really are the same person. We've known that for years, though. I told her that even though we were the same person, we have two different wallets, which is very convenient.

She thought that was weird.

What did you do for Memorial Day?

In other news, Kimberly and I are Goin' Huntin' In the Pink Woods* tomorrow, and Kerr is going with us. Heh. Heh. Heh. Won't this be FUN.

*At Kohl's:
"Look at THESE! Who needs pink camouflage shorts?!"
"It's for when you're goin' huntin' in the pink woods!"
We start to talk about how we should go to the other mall and get cheap clothes.
Later on Facebook:
"Hey! When are we goin' huntin' in the pink woods?"

Oh, and Rebecca is reading the Elsie Dinsmore series, which she borrows one book at a time from Jeanna, the youngest Will midget. It's bringing back bad/hilarious memories.
Kerr: *gets in my car* EW! Katie Beth, what is THIS doing in your car???

If you never read those, you didn't miss much. Kimberly and I read all 28 of the pink things (or did we stop at 24? Not like four books is a huge difference; they all say the same thing), plus a few of the yellow books about one of Elsie's sort-of cousins whose name I've forgotten. We were so emotionally scarred that we created a magazine expressely dedicated to Elsie Dinsmore spoofs. They were genius.

You can find some of the stories here, on my old blog. I posted them for my readers' entertainment. You may have to dig. Or, if there is enough popular demand, I can post some here.

Or you could come over to my house and read the entire huge binder I have of them. Brilliance. Trust me.

It is time for me to go to bed. I have to get up early to go a-Huntin' (in the Pink Woods, in my pink camo shorts that neither Kimberly nor I condescended to buy), and I slept in this morning because I forgot I was working at nine. I barely got to work on time. All that to say, goodnight. I hope your dreams are sweet and Elsie-free. Trust me, they can only be one or the other. Not both.

EDIT: O. Henry wrote an Elsie spoof?! I knew I loved him.


Muddled Muse said...

Ha ha. Dinsmore. You should post some of your spoofs here...(please?)

QuintessentiallyChristine said...

OMG!!! I have to read those when I get there!!! Somehow I feel that sleep will not bless us on my visit! Ahh sweet Elsie...what memories!