Monday, October 6, 2008


Because Shannon is terribly impatient. ;-)


KB: Mommy? If a mouse... sleeps in a pan... does he call it a bedpan?
Mommy: I don't know.
KB: And more importantly, does he USE it as a bedpan?
Mommy: He probably does use it as a bedpan.
Virginia: If I slept in a flower garden, would I call it a flowerbed?
KB: Yes. But you call it that anyway.
Virginia: Oh yeah. TRUE.

Patience: Mommy, I will tell you the difference of trees and sheds.
Mommy: Ok, tell me.
Patience: You can NOT go in to trees, but you CAN go in to sheds.
Mommy: Oh!
Jesse: But sheds are made OUT of trees.
Mommy: That is true....
Jesse: Sheds are made out of trees, Patience, so a shed IS a tree, so you CAN go in a tree!
Patience: Uh uh!
Jesse: Uh huh!

Katie: that is gross
Virginia: YOU are gross
Katie: your mom is gross
Virginia: I know, my mom's gross
Katie: your mom's face is gross
Virginia: your mom's mom's face is gross
Katie: um
YOUR face is gross
Virginia: well I'M [trying] to do school
Katie: whatever
I AM doing school
Virginia: my mom is going to get mad soon
Katie: your MOM is going to get mad soon
Virginia: true
my mom IS getting mad

Anna: Do you see the skunk? Maggie, do you see the skunk? Sincerely?

Derrick: macaroni
well macaroni tuna
Katie: is that dinner?
we have that a lot
well, reasonably often
it's quick :-P
(OH. I thought my next psych module said it was due 9-26... it's 10-26. Ok. Breathe.)
Derrick: it will be, I could just tell you were about to ask "Whats cookin good lookin?" So I thought I'd go ahead and let you know.
Katie: oh, yeah... yeah, I'm glad you precluded that observation....
Derrick: Im rather perceptive sometimes

Virginia, very late at night: What are those things on TV that are short and advertise stuff?
KB: Umm, midgets?
Virginia: Noooooooo!
KB: Jingles?
Virginia: COMMERCIALS! I mean commercials!
KB: *dies* I thought you meant things IN commercials!
Virginia: No, Katie Beth. I was speaking of commercials.

Jenna and Simone: YOU'RE A LIFEGUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KB: Man, my wrist really hurts.
VA: You need to go to the doctor.
KB: I do not need to go to the doctor!
VA: When you go to the doctor can you ask them to look at all the places that hurt on me?

Jordan: hello, grandchild
Katie: dearest!
Jordan: snuggle-boo!
Katie: pumpkin pie!
Jordan: my darling, my dumpling, my burrito of love!
Katie: um, dearest! :-D
Jordan: hi

Derrick: you cant hate a guy if he makes you an apology bunny
it's the rules :)

Isaiah:it's an absoulte GAIL outside
like the type of rain/hail that takes paint off of houses
which, incidentally, could be handy
since we're repainting our house

Ethan: ur lam
Katie: ur mom!
(YOU were lame. Hahahaha)
Ethan: ur moms chik is laam
Katie: ur mom cnt spll
Ethan: ur mom cant blink
Katie: *blinks*
Ethan: buuuuuurn

Jesse: *shrieks and sticks his foot in my face as I'm coming out of the office*
KB: Stop!
Jesse: I was just attacking you on the street.

Patience: Katie Beth, I want to tell you thomething.
KB: What?
Patience: I can thtuff a whole cheethe thtick in my mouth.

Josh: What are you reading right now, Katie?
KB: Dracula.
Josh: Have you watched the movie?
KB: No.
Josh: You GOTTA watch the movie.
KB: I don't wanna watch the movie!
Josh: I haven't watched the movie.

Ethan: Oh
You should be scared
rubs bald head
me: WHOSE bald head?
yours, I hope
Ethan: Your's, sunshine. You are called sunshine because when the yellow lightbulb shines down, your head glows
it reminds my of the 4th of July for some reason

Ethan: Quoteables?
me: yes, Ethan. Quotables.
I know what you want :-P
Ethan: 2 for 2, baby!
Hey, I only think of quotables AFTER the fact

Derrick: you got me sick! :P
me: lol! Did I?!
Derrick: yeah
throat hurts
and tongue hurts
but I think I may have bit it

me: lol, you're always more critical of your own work
trust me, I know :-P
Isaiah: the gradient on the two boxes is the wrong gradient
I now
Isaiah: *know
I guess it's the perfectionest's nature
Would we be who we are if we weren't?
Oh yeah baby
I was typing random things
because i like typing random things really fast
and not caring about typos
"Uh, can I have ur numbah?"
Isaiah: LOL
me: Oh. My. Gosh.
Isaiah: I was in Latin class
and I always type things that come to mind
(same as in GB class)
and Mr. Wells asked us what we thought of verbs
and I typed in They suck!
and I hit enter
I was so shocked that it had happened
me: LOL!!!
i was a little embarassed
to say the least

KB: Virginia, I have a riddle for you.
VA: Yes?
KB: A man is lying on his back, DEAD in the snow, PIERCED through the heart. But there is nothing there except a puddle. What killed him?
VA: Ummm.... a puddle of blood?
KB: No.
VA: Hannah Lee Georgeff? She's a puddle. [VA is a Facebook stalker.]
KB: No! Come on, what killed him?
VA: I don't know!
KB: What do YOU think, Mommy?
Mommy: What?
KB: A man is lying on his back in the snow, dead, pierced through the heart, but there's nothing there except a puddle. What killed him?
Mommy: An icicle. But I've heard that before.
KB: But Virginia hasn't. She doesn't get it.
VA: *blank look*
KB: See? She still doesn't get it.
VA: OH! An ICICLE! I thought you said a BICYCLE!

Katie: what have you been up to?
Clayton: 'bout 6'3"

Mommy: Ok, Anna. What are the four parts of speech you've learned so far?
Mommy: Ok. Anna. Your turn.

Anna: Mommy, Mommy, can I go back into Spinner's for a minute?! I forgot my straw and I REALLY wanna chew on it!!!
Mommy: No, Anna.
Anna: ButMommyIalwayskeepmystrawInameditHubert!
Mommy: No, Anna.

Virginia: Do you know how you could make my test go faster?
Mommy: How?
Virginia: You could print it out for me.


Virginia said...

*whew* *wipes away tears*

Captain Lizzie, the Fierce and Terrible said...

these are my FAVORITE


Joy said...

times infinity.
lkee omigsh.

Shannon said...

Oh, everyone else is impatient too. They're just not quite so pushy. ;-)

And I'm impatient for a very very good reason. I love the Groovers. And all of KBee's friends. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

P.S. Your blog is pink. Pink. Pink. Pink. Pink. Pink. *cues Aerosmith*

Katie Beth said...

Jest you wait, honey-chile....

Anonymous said...

WHEEEEEEEEEEE! QUOTES! *dies of happiness*

Anonymous said...

heeeeeeeeeeey, wait-- tell me about my puddle-ness please? I LOVE that. :D Why have I yet to meeting the amazingness that is VA. *goes off to change FB status just for her*

Katie Beth said...

I can't remember why you're a puddle. You melted into a puddle of happiness or something on a picture (forget whose and which one). :-D