Thursday, October 16, 2008


"What are you doing Wednesday night?" Karoline asked me on Sunday.

"Um, nothing, I think," I said.

"Do you want to be doing something?" she said.


So Jesse and I, along with Kyle, Kimberly, Kerr, and Caleb (I'm sure Jesse and Evan felt very insecure at being the only two there whose names didn't start with a "K" sound), went over to Karoline and Evan's new apartment on Wednesday night.

As we waited for the Three K's and The C to arrive, we sat in the very neat and tidy living room and talked. As we wandered from subject to subject, we eventually landed on teeth. Jesse had just had his bands changed (to bright red, which makes me laugh), so we discussed all of our various experiences with braces and/or wisdom teeth. Evan has had braces, Karoline has had her wisdom teeth removed, and I've had both, so there was much to ponder.

In the course of the discussion Evan's face suddenly lit up. "Karoline!" he said. "I've remembered something about this chair. I've remembered why the arm wiggles."

Karoline, though surprised, merely asked, "And why is that?"

"It was because when I got my braces, I slammed my fist into the arm of the chair repeatedly because I wanted something else to hurt more than me. That's why the arm wiggles."

And he wiggled the arm to demonstrate.

What with chair wiggling and things like Kimberly's statement that the boys "keep talking about my MOM", it was a very entertaining night.


Joy said...


Having never had braces (though I kinda need them...) I can't truly commiserate.

But I keeled over all the same. :D

Horace said...


Khornicles of a Redheaded Lifeguard? Between Lane Lines? Thats pretty epic. I decided that, as a lifeguard, I could do everything I wasn't allowed to do when I wasn't. Hang on the lane lines. Swim during adult swim. Dive in the shallow area. Jump off the lifeguard stand. It was rollin.

Josh said...

Is there anything more awesome than hanging out with dear friends and chatting about your shared dental/orthodontical experiences? Well, maybe there is. But it's still pretty dang awesome! :D

Katie Beth said...

Lol Kenny, aren't you allowed to swim during adult swim anyway? ;-)