Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Notes, Observations, and Other Eccentricities

This is a hodge-podge post because I have stuff to say, but not really. So here we go. I think I'll order these according to category, because I'm a freak like that.

Notes - I got accepted into The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. It's gonna be a switch, for sure. I'm torn, because I do want to go there. I do. It's just that I had absolutely zero doubt that I would get in, so I feel like it wasn't a big enough challenge, which is kind of disappointing. But that's just me being retarded. It should be a great school (expensive, though).

Observations - Rebecca got braces. She keeps complaining that her teeth hurt and that she can't talk, but as far as I can tell she's talking as much as ever.

Eccentricities - Anna is running around singing Man in the Mirror because she thinks she's black. That's ok, Michael Jackson thought he was white.

Notes - Quotables coming soon.

Observations - It's weird when you're not friends with someone and then all of a sudden you are, apparently, and you're like, "Hey, we're not friends, I didn't approve of this! Why are we friends? Who says?"

Eccentricities - Virginia has got to be the most forgetful person in the world. We had this conversation in the car today:

KB: The drive-in has Avatar.
VA: I know. I saw that when Mommy and I were driving up here.
Later, as we pass the drive-in:
VA: *mumbles something that sounds suspiciously like, "Hey they have Avatar."*
KB: What?
VA: Um. I was going to say they had Avatar... but then I remembered you'd just told me that.
KB: And when I told you, you said you already knew!
VA: Oh yeah... man, I forgot and then I forgot that I forgot!

I rest my case.

Notes - I haven't gotten more than about five or six hours of sleep in the last three nights. I'm dead tired.

Observations - I worked out for a full hour and a half at the gym yesterday. It felt awesome and today I can't move. It still feels awesome, but it's inconvenient when I try to do complicated things like walking.

Eccentricities - Today I had to go to the scholarship ceremony at school. This definitely counts as eccentric.

Notes - The dog is giving himself a bath behind me and it's gross.

Observations - It's high time I had a photo shoot. Who wants to help?

Eccentricities - I am a banana. (My spoon is too big.)


Juliet SN said...

Note: When I go visit you this summer, we should come up with an ingenious plot to find all the money we need for college.

Observation: I SO miss you and your family.

Eccentricities: I'm wearing purple, brown, and green argyle socks with gray tights and a purple shirt.


Katie Beth said...

Juliet... all of that sounds amazing. All of it. Even the missing my family part, because that means you'll come back to see us! :-D (PS. We miss you LOTS.)

Drew said...

Note: We are the same person, therefore I feel your pain.

Observation: We need to hang out when I come home for Easter

Eccentricities: ROTFLYSST

Nala said...

You are hilarious. I was quite literally LOLing. (It's kinda hard to ROFL when you're covered in blankets and snuggled.) Anna, Anna, Anna...... And VA needs a Rememberall.

Anonymous said...

I love Rebecca.
You're not retarded.
I wanna help with the shoot!!!
VA is so Timeless.
And finally, *I* am the banana, but you can have the spoon that's too big.

Roberta said...

I cannot wait for the quoteables, sincerely.

Rebecca said...

I only said I couldn't speak _clearly,_ because my mouth is too full. Hi, Hannahlee!