Sunday, April 5, 2009


I think I've made you wait long enough. ;-)


VA: Um. Casey Currin had on my pants.

Drew: I'll come and throw pineapple at you!
KB: Pineapple?!
Drew: Yeah, I dunno. It was the first thing I thought of!

KB: The Givens have a chow.
Maggie: Is that half chicken and half cow?

KB: Why are you kicking me with your disgusting shoe?
Genise: I'm not kicking you. I'm stepping on you.
KB: Oh. Well in that case, it's FINE.
Genise: See? It all depends on your perspective.

Kyle: I cooked philistine cheesteaks for luncheon
Kyle: and then for dinner
Kyle: daddy picked up wings instead of drumsticks
Kyle: so I made some wings
Kyle: and fried some asparagus (fresh) with butter and salt and lolmonds

Patience: Whoa, you brush your hair really often. Know how I can tell?
VA: How?
Patience: Cuth it'th really eathy to brush and you're not crying.

Nala: your aluminum knuckles foiled me

KB: Hey, is that parking space handicapped? I can't see it.
Drew: No, but if it were you could still park there! Ha ha ha ha!
KB: Yeah, cuz YOU'RE in the car!

KB: Rocks ahead, captain!
Drew: Actually they were icebergs. Technically it was a TARDIS.
KB: YOU'Re a tardis. You're a REtardis.
Drew: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Rose: Your FACE doesn't have internet!
KB: But your face DOES have internet, so how about you look it up?

Rose: Hole-in-one! I get a DumDum!
KB: What's a DumDum?
Genise: *points at Drew* Dum. *points at KB* Dum.
Note: It's a lollipop.

Rose: Yay! Another DumDum!
Genise: *points at Drew* One. *points at KB* Two.

Genise: Aww, you're so positive about people.

Chris: Every time you're here I do a lame workout.
KB: It's because you want to stay here and talk to me, that's why.
Chris: I know! You just have this aura around you that says, "Laziness!"

KB: Robbie, what were you going to say earlier before I interrupted you?
Robbie: My mind... is a long and winding road. It takes many twists and turns. ...I forgot.

VA: It smells like moonshine in here.

Nala: sooo
Katie: LOL
Nala: have you, like, seen, like, the new Jonas Brothers Movie? OH-EM-GEE!!!

After showing Shannon the above:
Katie: ;-D
apparently there is one
she was kidding ;-)
Shannon O: OH
I was about to go watch it ;-)

Patience: What'th that?
KB: It's a graphics tablet!
Patience: What'th a gravel thtatter?

Patience: I'm going to marry Michah!
VA: Ok, but make sure he's a hard-working man!
Patience: I'm pretty sure he'th a hard-working man, becauthe he hath a truck thippy cup.

VA: Hey, have you seen that lady?
KB: Uhhhh... that lady?
VA: Yeah! You know!
KB: Uh, no, I have absolutely no idea who you're talking about.
VA: You knooooooooow? The one who BIRTHED us?

Shannon O: See, knowledge comes naturally if you just wait long enough!
Barack Obama must still be waiting

VA: Home is where the internal organs are.

Kyle: hello
KB: oh hi, way to come around when I'm heading off to bed ;-P
Kyle: my bad
Kyle: I should check your schedule before IMing you

Genise: His pants are awkward.

Anna: We are playing Ghost in the Barnyard!
William: Whooo! Whooo!

KB's status message: I am so sunburned. It's not funny.
Virginia: I think it's funny
Katie: your face is funny
Virginia: ur mom AND ur mom's face iz funny
Katie: ur grandma's face is fun-e
Virginia: let's not take this too far...
Katie: too late
Virginia: lawl
Katie: ur face sez lawl
Virginia: ur banjo pikker lawls
Katie: ur gittar lawls
Virginia: ur fiddle jist wines
Katie: u wish u culd drnk wine
Virginia: I have more than u can cownt
Katie: gnrlly 1 dos nt cnt wine
Virginia: and gnrly u can't cownt numbrs eeether
Katie: I cnt #s
Virginia: u cant evin spel
Katie: ur rite thr
ur not brbng
i kan 2 spl
Virginia: Im only har in booty
i meen body

Anna, after meeting a ferret: I like that little piggy thing!

VA: Wouldn't it be weird if a cat turned itself inside out, and then you stuck your hand in its mouth and all you felt was fur?

VA: Why are there so many smart people in the Chemistry class?! There are only like three stupid people. [This person], [this person], [this person], and me.

Grace: Are you wearing your pants that--
KB: I'm wearin' my pants.
Jesse: I got my pants on. Just for the record.
After everyone can breathe again:
Hana: I don't think Grace expected that. I don't think Katie Beth expected that!

VA: Will you bring me a Clearasil pad?
KB: No! I will not bring you a Clearasil pad in bed!
VA: Why not?
KB: Because it's WRONG!
VA: *scratchy voice* No. What's wrong is a wireless company that charges hidden fees.

Patience: You're wearing THOTHE pantth to art clathth?! They're the motht hideouth pantth I've ever theen!
Anna: *quiet for a minute after Patience leaves* I hate these pants. They look silly.

Anna: What is breath cancer?
Jesse, as KB dies: I don't know. I've never heard of that kind of cancer.

Rebecca: Pretend I'm the piano player.
Patience: But you're a boy.

KB: *pokes lone shoe with foot* Do we know this shoe?
Stephen: Oh. That goes with my other leg.
KB: The one you didn't bring?
Stephen: It's detachable.

KB: *supposedly rotates SeaBass two minutes late*
Sebastian: You owe me two minutes, Katie Beth!
KB: Um, I'm sorry.
Sebastian: Two minutes!!
KB: I'm sorry! What are you gonna do about it?
Sebastian: *thinks hard* I'm going to have a party. And I'm not going to invite you!

Shannon Y: I am something else.

PowerPoint: Remember, it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile!
Stephen: I'm strong.

Jordan: That's because you have more testosterone than most males. Deny it. Deny it!
KB: Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................
Jordan: You can't deny it!
KB: .........I went shopping yesterday!
Jordan: ...............So did I.
KB and Jordan: *uncomfortable silence*

Patience: Thith... ith the thong of death.
KB: The song of death?
Jesse: Sock. The sock of death.
KB: The sock of death??

Chich: My man-crush would be myself.


Juliet SN said...

*so dead*

I love your quotables :D

Lizzie said...

I'm coming to live with you. forever.

Katie Beth said...


Nala said...

WOWOW... I don't think I EVER want to see a cat turn itself inside out. Warm fuzzy insides are just WRONG. :-P

Joy said...

I died. So. Many. Times.

Especially at "DumDum" and the "ReTardis". xD Your life is like one clever one-liner after another... Hollywood would probably kill to have you.

Katie Beth said...

Wait till you read the post I'm about to put up... oh my heavens....

Anonymous said...

I just died. No seriously.... I did. And it's all your fault. Yours and Patience's. B-) ahhh that child. :D:D:D

Star said...

I bet that inside out cat would have that warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside ALL THE TIME.

*laughs at myself*