Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stuff White People Like

It's been too long, and I'm terribly sorry. But that doesn't mean you get a real post. There's one in my head, I promise, but I'm very tired right now after having just finished a web assignment (which was fun, even though I waited until this afternoon to start the thing). So you get a fake post.

Sorry. F'sho, yo.

Anyway, I came across this site today while reading SuperUseless (yet another site you should frequent), and after reading a post or two I was hooked. It's called Stuff White People Like, and before you ask, yes, it is written by a white guy. It's right up my alley, so it must be right up yours too or you wouldn't read this blog (you DO read this blog, right?). Somehow the logic all works in my head. Don't ask.

Oh, fine. One more. Looking For Group. I dare you to start at the beginning and not be addicted in approximately four seconds.

Now while all y'all are wildly staring your beady little orbs out at those sites, I'll be sneaking off to the shower and my bed. And the fridge. Can't forget the fridge.

If you neglect my site for those, there will be consequences. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Nala said...

LFG. AMAZING. All of those sites are amazing!

in other news, this website doesn't know how to spell "cruise." They left out the "i".

OffendedWhitePerson said...

On behalf of all us white folks who wish we were black: Frankly, I'm offended.

I mean, yo, ain't u got no feelings?

Virginia said...

And yes, that was me.

Katie Beth said...

I'm glad you told me, VA, cuz I never would have known.


Shannon said...

Hi, I love you.