Sunday, March 8, 2009

A great milestone has been reached

I reach the same milestone every year, but it's always just as sudden every year.

Basically, I stood outside during Sunday School today, in one position in the 75 degree weather (or whatever it was), and when I came in, I was... oh yeah, pink. Like super pink. But only on one side! So like a genius I sat outside for lunch at the Reeder's, with the sun on the SAME side, and now I'm pinker. So like a dweeb, when I realized how pink I was, I turned around. So now I'm burnt on both sides. My face looks like a joker face and yes, people have been laughing.

So that's the milestone. First sunburn of the year. Nice to know it's over with and I can start wearing sunscreen.

By the way, you may notice that my last post was about snow and this post is about 75 degree weather. That's North Carolina for you. Truly. Going from unseasonably cold to warm in less than a week is pretty normal here.

And that's about all I have to say... I have to go, because my shoulders hurt.

P.S. I'm going to have the goofiest burn line when I'm in my guard suit tomorrow. I can't decide if it would better or worse if I'd been wearing a shirt with sleeves instead of a tank top.


Nala said...

it is OH so goofy. :-D haha!

Star said...

Ahaha, that will be me tomorrow!
I plan to clean up the garden.
I think I'll wear a tank top.

Virginia said...

Good 4 u KB.

Katie Beth said...

Hana, Shannon couldn't even look at me yesterday without laughing. :-P