Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"It's a little bit smeared because I sat on it in the car and not because I printed it out recently."

If you can name that movie you'll know what it has to do with this post.

I was going to go to bed, but where's the fun in that? Besides, I forgot to put sheets on my bed.

Virginia and I got our hairs cut a couple weeks ago, but apparently we both forgot to have our bangs trimmed. I personally was thinking I'd go for a long no-bang look, totally forgetting that I hate that look and that the half-bangs, half-not-bangs drive me crazy. I don't know what Virginia was thinking.

We talked about it, though, and were left dissatisfied. Our bangs must be fixed, but we weren't about to go pay $15 just to have them trimmed.


I watched a video. (This video, if you must know.) I pretty much figured that watching that one video qualified me for any side-swept-bang-cutting needs ever. So I went to find Virginia.

"Hey. Want me to cut your bangs?" (*gleeful hand-clasping*)

"What?! No!!" (*horror*)

"But I watched a video on YouTube."


I grabbed her before she could change her mind (the whole time thinking, "Really? It was that easy?"), and I cut her bangs.

About halfway through the process she said, "You watched a video? And I let you do this?!"

She did specify that if I messed up I had to pay to get them fixed....

But y'know what? It went well. So then I cut my own bangs, which also went well.

C'mon. Like I was gonna cut my own hair without practicing on someone else first.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased. And I still have my $30 (to get both of our heads fixed...), so I'm even more pleased.

There are my bangs, in all their midnightness. (In other words, ignore my face. Midnight is not its thing. And yet it is... it is so its thing....) Also at an ISO that would be completely unnecessary were I not sitting in the dark.

You should definitely try this if your bangs are long but you don't need anything else cut. It's super fun chopping your own hair to pieces anyway.

Now that's enough stalling. I go forth to conquer. Or at least to put sheets on my bed. Goodnight, my precious weirdos.

You have to be a weirdo to read this blog.


AmberVV said...

Well done! lol I tried to give myself a full hair cut once... I was surprised how well I did, but had call in back up to make it straight. YOU trying cutting the back of your hair straight! :P

I'm a fan of side swept bangs. :)

Josh said...

I've always had tons of respect for those people brave enough to cut their own hair. (I am not one of those people!)

Virginia said...

The annoying part is that I DID have them trim my bangs last time I went. I think they had a growth spurt as soon as I left.

Juliet SN said...

You look adorable :D Ask GraceAnne what she did with her bangs... hehe.

Nala said...

I'm definitely a weirdo. And I used to cut my bangs all the time, back when I had bangs...