Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm shocked that Shanny-pants hasn't bugged me to death about posting these yet. ;-)


Jordan: Kaaaaatie Beeeeethums. Oh, sweet Kaaaaaatie Beeeeeethums.
Katie: Jooooordanums!
Jordan: With skin so fair and hair so red, if I say she likes pink, soon I'll be quite dead!
Katie: :-D
Jordan: Kaaaaaaatie Beeeeethums! Oh, deadly Kaaaaaaatie Beeeeeeethums!
it's a short song
needs work
Katie: rofl
Jordan: but I'm proud of it thus far
Katie: I'm glad :-D

Derrick: no way
still up?
Katie: lol
Derrick: very
Katie: I DO frequently stay up past midnight, you know
Derrick: since when?
Katie: um... since years ago before I ever met you?
Derrick: you existed before you met me? =o
sad existence
Katie: HAR HAR

Dave: We only wear formals to weddings, funerals, and other sad events.

Clayton: whenever i see him, I feel an ominous evil feeling
Katie: lol
Clayton: like I want to torch a teddy bear

Nathan: hi
this is Isaiah
Katie: well hi! :-P
Nathan: :)
Katie: when did you change your name?
Nathan: lol
a few minutes ago when I hijacked the keybaord

Nathan: Back to your regularly-scheduled Nathan programming on the Nathan channel. All Nathan, all the time.
(except for when Isaiah takes over my computer)

KB: Your eyes are bloodshot. Have you been drinking?
Mommy: Not enough.

VA: Deer season starts today.
David: Done been!

Nala: I love trees better then boys, because unlike with boys, you can tell which ones will hold you or not.

A conversation in texts. I was ordered to post it.
Ethan: why are you poking me?! I'm talking lol
Nala: because guess what I learned I like trees better then boys. guess why
Ethan: Because they...they...absorb sunlight through their hair
Nala: noooo silly ethan
Nala: ok
Ethan: Because they...grow fungus on the south side of their trunk? (or is it north?)
Nala: nooooo silly ethan give up?
Ethan: No Because they don't bleed to death when you cut a branch (arm) off?
Nala: noooo rofl
Ethan: Because trees suck water through their toes. that has to be it
Nala: I WISH...but no
Ethan: i give up
Nala: if you keep guessing you might get it ok I like trees better then boys because, unlike boys, you can always tell which trees are able to hold you without breaking any part of you eventually.
Ethan: WOW

Rebecca: Y'all are hanging around me like flies!
KB: Maybe you stink.
Rebecca: Or I have sweet blood.
KB: *odd Twilight moment* o_O

VA: *comes in* NA NA NA NAAA--oh hi.

Jesse: I'm so tired. So cold. So hot.

Anna: You have such a truthful little mind, Katie Beth.

Patience: Do you know the phone number 4750?
KB: I do now.

I have ten toeth. I wath hoping I would have more than that.

Kyle: so my toe has an issue
KB: "an issue"?
KB: what is this "issue"?
Kyle: partially ingrown toenail again
Kyle: ugh
Kyle: so it's partially infected
Kyle: so it partially hurts
KB: you really oughta get that checked out
Kyle: denied
KB: fine
KB: don't get it checked out :-P
Kyle: k
Kyle: ftw
KB: lol
Kyle: nah it's not bad like last time
Kyle: and the dr absolutely destroyed it when he "fixed it\"
KB: ew
KB: don't go back to him then
Kyle: and I had to wear a massive blood soaked bandage for weeks
KB: gross
Kyle: mk
KB: how much of this are you making up? I don't remember the massive blood soaked bandage
Kyle: I kept it on my toe
Kyle: I don't think you normally inspect those
Kyle: I'd hope atleast
Kyle: ok
Kyle: I just conducted a self op
KB: um, you showed your toe to EVERYBODY
Kyle: no blood
Kyle: oh
KB: and it made your mom shriek
KB: that was funny
KB: and you took a picture of it
KB: THAT was funny
Kyle: ok so I just cut off the side of my toenail
Kyle: with minor pain
Kyle: and no bleeding
Kyle: the dr couldn't seem to do that
KB: sheesh
KB: now it's gonna grow back weird
Kyle: So much pain I almost passed out, and that was after he had squirted lots of pain killer on my blood
KB: ewwww
Kyle: and he stuck needles DEEP into my toie
Kyle: unfortunately I cannot find my toe picture
KB: your mom deleted it off the camera
Kyle: no I had one online
Kyle: to show my internet peeps

Patience: Do thomething exthiting and I'll give you a chip.

Isaiah: oh darn... I have to get my fake license before I can work for chacha
Katie: rats!
Isaiah: You have to be 18+
course, I do have plenty of sibs who are in that age range....
Katie: lol
Isaiah: and of course, friends like you
actually, you

KB: *suddenly hugs Zach's arm* Yeah, c'mon Zach, let's swing dance! *lets go* Ok, I'm sorry. That was weird.
Zach: *pats my head* You'll get better.

After giving a long list of all the ideas in my head:
Nala: I thought you were exhausted
Katie: I am
I'm totally dead
but that never keeps my brain from working
Nala: I see
Katie: I have a hard time napping because my brain thinks it's time to go into overdrive
"Oh! She's not moving! She must want to concentrate!"
I come up with my weirdest ideas when I'm tired :-D
some of which turn out fabulously
I usually come up with lyrics when I'm in bed
Nala: wow
all I do in bed is sleep

Nala: I'll see you in a tick
Katie: O_O
Nala: unless you're in bed
Nala: ROFL
I'll be in a tick
Katie: GROSS
Nala: and I won't suck your blood, honest

VA: That guy looks like a bad guy in a movie. He's panning gold so he must be.

Isaiah: I should go finish my math test...
Katie: lol, ok
Isaiah: and by finish, I mean start
Isaiah: and by finish, I'm referring to the fact that it's due tomorrow morning

Shannon O: I'm falling apart before my very eyes

Shannon O: I love all people.

KB: *sits down across from Anna* Hi!
Anna: I don't feel safe with you there.

Shannon Y: Tell Genise she's on crack.

KB: Hey Pookums!
Pookums: Wah?
KB: Are you as svelte as svelte can be?!
Pookums: Yah!

Listening to "Lucky":
VA: Hey Mommy, you should play this at your funeral. I mean your anniversary!
Mommy: What, are you anxious?! I think you enjoyed the weekend with me away too much!

Derrick: With Rue My Heart is Laden (The KB friendly version) by AE Housman
With dew my pants are sodden
For golden spills not glad
For many a nickel begotten
An unfair trade I've had
By luck: An angry girl
I lament with embarassing shout
For paper towels I would unfurl
But O! Alas! I am out....
Derrick: :)
KB: boo
Derrick: well, whaddya think?
KB: and how odd that you should call me "Killer Bear:
Jon says my new name is "Killer Bee"
it has paper towels in it :-D
I don't know what to think when paper towels are involved
Derrick: BOUNYful praise
would be nice
I thought it was mighty Charmin

KB: Is [name removed] a citizen?
Ruby: Is he WHAT?
KB: A citizen!
Ruby: OH! I thought you said is he sexy! I was like, uhh, I dunno, I guess!
We die.

Nala: sorry, got distracted by Justin Timberlake in a leotard and tights and high-heels...

Daddy: Well aren't you just a little lord-a-leaping.


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh. Don't you dare ever call me that again. You're grounded.

I actually forgot I said either of those things. WOW.

Also, your sisters, they're classic.

Fourth, I'm glad you left out last night's incredible blonde moment. (Read: chain mail.) You're ungrounded now. Congratulations!

Shannon said...

P.S. The bugging began a few days ago! Didn't you hear me sneakily mention quotables during our giggle fest on Sunday night? ;-)

UndercoverBlonde said...

Clayton wants to torch a teddy bear.

Katie Beth said...

Shan: *I* like it. ;-D

I almost did, but I couldn't figure out a good way to do it without putting in tons of extra stuff. :-P

Haha, I must have missed that little subliminal message. ;-) I guess it worked!

GA: Yeah, he has some violent tendencies.

Hannah T. said...

Okay. I haven't been *that* entertained in a long time. *breaths*