Friday, September 26, 2008

Life is catching up with me

I think it might eventually catch me. I'm running, honest, but it's a-creepin' up.

Right now life consists of:

Visits: Lizzie was here two weekends ago, and Derrick came to church with us on Sunday.

Music: We had two two-hour gigs last weekend, one in Cary on Saturday and one in Wake Forest on Sunday. We had one on Thursday night at our church and we have one in Bracey, VA tomorrow night, one on Saturday night next week, and we have one on October 18th.

Work: I'm working at the Y every Friday night and Saturday morning, but tomorrow I'm working with the photographer. Music counts as work too. My math teacher asked if she could pass my name on to the tutoring center at school, so I may start tutoring math there.

Football games: Ethan's team is playing in Raleigh on October 31st. Who wants to come?

Art: YAY. I'm doing irises in art class right now. They're awesome. We did people before that and my person actually looks human and decent. I am mucho pleased.

Dance: Hip hop and clogging. I. Heart. Dance. I really miss swing dancing. I must needs find myself some semblance of a partner somewhere. Virginia's ok, but... she's a girl.

School: Oh yeah, school! I'm taking Precalculus Algebra, Principles of Microeconomics, General Psychology, Intro to Literature, and Public Speaking, and not one of them is hard. I'm kinda bored. I have more time for art and reading, though, which I am enjoying. I also have an interview on Monday with the admissions officer to the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. We'll see how radically she changes my ideas about what I take at the community college. The Art Institute is looking more and more attractive. Money could be a problem, but I'm not ready to start there yet, so we'll see what happens there too.

Books: I had a goal of 100 new books this year, but since Dracula will only be my 35th, I may have to settle for 50. Hopefully I'll be able to reach 50, and really, I'd be happy with that. I can never quite keep myself from rereading old favorites. I reread Northanger Abbey last week. I always forget how good Jane Austen's stuff is. I also read The Great Gatsby for the first time. I found it to be depraved and unexpectedly enjoyable. I'm really enjoying Dracula, but I don't read it at night. ;-)

Speaking of life and running, I need to shower and get to bed so I can get up inhumanly early tomorrow without dying. This is me, bouncin'.


Josh said...

Fifty is my book goal for the year, too. I think I'm at 32 or 33, but I'd have to check. I also read The Great Gatsby for the first time this year, too. Although I have to admit, while I did find it depraved, I didn't find it so enjoyable. Oh well, to each his own.

Much luck (hopefully the good kind) with all your literary goals.


Jonathan F.D. Smith said...

I'd help you out with the swing dance partner thing if I could. I've been pretty much addicted to it since last summer and partners aren't scarce around here.


Lizzie the Kid said...

Lizzie visits, yahoo
that was an intensely silly weekend

Katie Beth said...

Josh: Yeah, I figure what with school and life and all, not to mention rereads of favorite books, 50 is reasonably respectable. :-)

Jonathan: You should move here. :-P

Lizzie: It was AWESOME.

Shannon said...

I keep meaning to comment on this, but then I forget.

Good post, although I'm only ever excited when you post quotables. ;-)

Katie Beth said...

"Your vote of confidence is overwhelming." :-P

Shannon said...

*goes backwards*

"Doesn't sound too bad. I'll try to stay awake." ;-)

Katie Beth said...

"You're very smart. Shut up."